Shigan Group is a global manufacturing company which objective is to provide integrated solution to the Automotive customers in India and Asia Pacific regioncountries. Major focus of the Shigan Group is on alternative fuel system solution for the Automotive and Power Generation application. Shigan Group provide LPG, CNG, HCNG, Hydrogen and dual fuel system solutions to various Automotive and Industrial customers.
IATF Certificate

Shigan Group is engaged in Designing, Optimizing, Manufacturing, Assembling, Testing and Kit Integration of Alternate Fuel Systems/Kits for Automotive, Power generation Equipments, Industrial Equipments & Locomotives.

To provide a one stop solution to the OEMs, Shigan Group have many associates and/or partners for providing the best suitable product as per customer demand. With Quantum, Shigan Group provides complete Sequential CNG fuel injection system for Euro-IV and above emission values. Shigan Group can provide the complete CNG system right from the CNG tanks upto the Gas injectors . Shigan Group have fuel system right from Gas Carburetor upto the Sequential injection.

Shigan Group have partners for developing Dual fuel (Diesel + CNG) system, Electric Hybrid system and HPDI (High Pressure Direct Injection) systems for Locomotives and other heavy engines applications.

Shigan Group provide the preformed tubes and fittings to the OEMs and also do the packaging of fuel system on many of the OEMs in India.

From testing and calibration, Shigan Group is having in house engine dynamometer capable of testing engines upto 250 HP power rating. INCA is used for the calibration of sequential system. Shigan Group's technical team are trained for both Mono fuel and Bi-fuel system optimization and calibration.

Where ever CNG is available in India, Shigan Group's service team presence are there. Shigan Group has its team in all major OEMs manufacturing locations too.

For the fire safety of Automobile and Industrial equipments, Shigan Group provides the automatic Gas detection, Fire detection and Fire suppression system along with its partner M/s. Amerex Corporation, USA.

We have also diversified into Manufacture of Electric Vehicle include E-Rickshaw. We aleady have obtained VIN Number, BIS/Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) USA.

Group of Companies

CLH Gaseous Fuel Applications Pvt. Ltd. (as CLH)
Shigan Quantum Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (as SQT)
Electrical Vehicle (Under CLH)
Shigan Fuel Systems Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (as SFSS)
Shigan Telematics Pvt. Ltd. (as STPL)
Oriantal Transport Agency (as OTA)